Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Start - 01.14.2015 - Gingerbread Fred

Day 14 of DUCJC2015, and I started a cute little Christmas design from The Silver Needle.  It is sooo adorable!  I didn't realize that it is stitched with Rainbow Gallery Very Velour thread.  Well it's not really a thread, it is actually kind of like a piece of velour.  It is stitched on 18 count linen and from what I can tell by looking at the chart it is stitched over 2.  That's what I am going with anyway.  I think over 1 would be way too small, and there is enough fabric in the kit to stitch over 2.  I have never used Very Velour from Rainbow Gallery before, so this is a first for me.  I thought it was going to be difficult but it really isn't.  It was kinda fun!

The Silver Needle is a cross stitch shop in Tulsa, OK, and they have a monthly "get together" each month called The Secret Needle Night, and each month they have different charts available for purchase and you spend the evening stitching on it.  Each kit is $15.00 and you also have the option to purchase the finishing kit as well for an additional $27.00.  It comes with everything you need to finish off the project as shown on cover of the kit.  And for those of us who do not live in Oklahoma, you can purchase these kits from their website and even have it auto-shipped each month if you so choose.  I am not affiliated with this shop in any way, I just think it is a great way to try new designs and use different threads and such that you wouldn't normally do.  And for those of us who have no idea how to finish their projects, the finishing kit is a good deal for me.  At this point, I haven't finished mine yet, but it is supposed to be super easy.  We shall see!

The link to the Secret Needle Night section on their website is The Silver Needle.

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