Friday, January 30, 2015

New Start - 01.30.2015 - The Lord is My Shepherd

Day 30 of DUCJC2015, and I started The Lord is My Shephered by My Big Toe Designs.  I love most all of their designs, and I have several in my stash I want to do, but only a couple of them kitted up so far.  I love the lettering on this one, and I also love that it only has two colors in the entire design.  I just hope I don't get tired of the color Baby Spinach by Sampler Threads, since it calls for 24 skeins of it!  Well skeins might not be the right word, maybe it would be 24 cards?  Anyway, you know what I mean, right?  They are specialty threads so they come on little cardboard cards, not in a skein like DMC thread.


  1. Beautiful design Kim. I really don't like stitching with the specialty threads. I prefer gold old DMC.


  2. it looks lovely, I've never tried the speciality threads. Happy stitching :)