Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Start - 01.18.2015 - The Kiss

Day 18 of DUCJC2015, and I started The Kiss by Mirabilia.  This has been in my stash and kitted up for so many years that I can't even remember.  I kitted it up way before hand-dyed fabrics were so popular, so my fabric of choice at the time was whatever I could get that was closest to the fabric recommended.  So my fabric is 28 count lugana, looks like maybe ivory or cream?  Don't really know.

As usual, I only stitched a small portion, less than 30 minutes worth, like most every other day since I started this challenge.  I did go ahead and decide on my next five projects and went ahead and found the starting places for all of those.  I am hoping that will save me some time during the week and that I will be able to just pick them up each night and begin stitching.  If I know me though, and I am pretty dang sure I do know myself pretty well, I will recount again to make sure it is the correct starting point.  But it shouldn't take as long since I will have already done it a few times already, right?

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  1. What a pretty design and nice start Kim.